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Getting ready for ERP Implementation

AN organization needs to answer the following questions while thinking of taking up ERP.

  • Perception of the business problems
  • The visualization of solving them.
  • How is ERP going to solve the same and how worth is it and how effective are the measures taken to implement it.
  • How and who will coordinate the operation of ERP and is it justified in terms of costs, time taken and efforts?
  • What is the accountability and transparency of ERP operations and how far it will affect issues like piracy, IPR and their impact on the organizations performance and image and the possible measures to curb any unnecessary elements?

If an organization follows all the above-mentioned steps it will definitely result in successful ERP implementation as it has been witnessed in the research on enterprise resource planning phases.

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Common ERP Myths

ERP means more work and procedures

ERP will make many employees redundant and jobless

ERP is the sole responsibility of the management

ERP is just for the Managers/Decision-makers

ERP is just for Manufacturing Organizations

ERP is just for the ERP implementation team

ERP slows down the organization

ERP is just to impress customers

ERP package will take care of everything

One ERP Package will suit everybody

ERP is very expensive

Organization can succeed without ERP


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