Oh! This is what an ERP?

Though majority of the business people know what an ERP is, there are also some people who do not have an idea what an ERP means or how it works. One of them is my friend's friend, who most of the time travels than he works.

I met him recently in one of the restaurants in Mumbai. In fact, it took more time for me to recognize him than he took to recognize me. He invited me to join for a snack session, which I could not resist.

"What are doing now?" he asked me after settling down in a corner.

"Working with one ERP Solution company here," I said and sat on the chair opposite him.

"ERP solution? With which mixture this solution used for?" he asked, and ordered a pizza for him and a sandwich for me.

"It is not the solution what you are referring," I said and explained, "It is a computer software solution for business purpose".

"I see," he said and continued, "nowadays everyone does computer business. I never thought you are also doing the same thing. Which computer you sell?, I am planning to buy 25 computers for our company" he said.

"We are not selling any computer, we provide the ERP software to businesses," I said,

"What this ERP? Is it your company name?" he enquired, after finishing the pizza and searching in the menu for his next order.

"No, no. Our company name is eresource Infotech, and we provide ERP solution to business enterprises and ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning," I explained.

"What is the use of it?" he asked, after ordering cheese sandwich for him and nothing for me as I am yet to finish my first sandwich.

"An ERP solution will help streamline the functionality and technicality of a software solution in an organization," I tried to be too formal in my explanation, though he has not been convinced fully.

"Can you be more specific, so that I can understand it and also can be used for me," he said with showing little enthusiasm,

"Sure," I said and went further with additional details, "ERP's main goal is to integrate data and processes from all areas of an organization and unify it for easy access and work flow. ERP is usually accomplishing integration by creating one single database that employs multiple software modules providing different areas of an organization with various business functions."

"This seems to be interesting," he said with interest and insisted, "Explain more."

"ERP systems can cover a wide range of functions and integrate them into one unified database. For example, functions such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Financials, Manufacturing functions and Warehouse Management functions were all once stand alone software applications, usually housed with their own database and network, today, they can all fit under one umbrella," I stopped and looked at him.

"What type of businesses is best suited for ERP implementation," he asked and finished his cheese sandwich.

"It suits any business,' I said, "Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fleet Management, Modular Kitchen, Construction, Infrastructure these are some of the areas were we provide our specialized services now."

"Seems interesting, tell me one more thing, how the staff will handle the new system? Do you train them for that?" he asked and ordered a coffee for him and tea for me.

"Of course. After the implementation of the ERP system a live training session will be provided to the staff who handles it," I said.

"Can I expect anything more from your ERP system?" He asked.

"Yes, What is more exciting about eresource ERP is, it not only addresses all your day to day business challenges, you will also get a healthy return on your investment quickly and faster than you probably thought," I said.

"That's great. I think we must implement it soon," he said and finished his coffee.

"Tell me sir, when should we come to your place to show the live demonstration?" I asked.

"Very soon, first let me start my business," he said and got up.

I too got up and walked away. My fully filled tea up was still staring at me.


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Common ERP Myths

ERP means more work and procedures

ERP will make many employees redundant and jobless

ERP is the sole responsibility of the management

ERP is just for the Managers/Decision-makers

ERP is just for Manufacturing Organizations

ERP is just for the ERP implementation team

ERP slows down the organization

ERP is just to impress customers

ERP package will take care of everything

One ERP Package will suit everybody

ERP is very expensive

Organization can succeed without ERP



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